Custom Spawn Notifications

Posted by: Administrator on Wed, Jan 1, 2020:

Happy new year, everyone! Huge new update: you can now add custom spawn notifications. First, you choose the Zones you're interested in; you can use pre-defined zones like Downtown A2, or create your own for the areas you care about. Then, you can create Alerts within those zones. For example, you could create a zone around the area you work, then set an alert to show you any Litwick spawns in that area between the hours of 8am-5pm. Or you could create an alert for Downtown A2 with any pokemon of great quality or better, and toggle it on manually whenever you're visiting downtown. All alerts will be sent as direct messages on Discord. This is a beta feature, but it seems to be working well!

Also in the beta department, if you're using the S2 cell map to find where to submit stops, you can now click an empty cell to flag it as pending when you submit a new stop in it. It'll show up as yellow to everyone for the next month. If it's rejected, you can go in click it again to remove the submission.

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