Discord Linking Required

Posted by: Administrator on Sat, Jul 17, 2021:

The level of traffic on the map server has been steadily increasing over the past couple months, and according to Google Analytics it's mostly out-of-the-area traffic (read: spoofers). This has caused me to blow through the free Google Maps API quota only halfway into the month. Until next month, it's going to have that ugly development background to prevent spending a fortune in API fees. I'm going to look into alternate mapping APIs, but in the meantime, to keep the map free and hopefully reduce the traffic, linking your Discord account is required.

If you're a spoofer who's using our server to snipe rares, first of all, please don't. But if you do anyway, please don't use the map and use the Custom Spawn Notifications feature instead, which doesn't clobber my API quota.

Sorry for the (terribly timed) inconvenience, and happy hunting!

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